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17 Quarantine Marriage Tips from Relationship Experts

No matter how solid your relationship is, being stuck indoors for weeks or months on end with one person can push even the happiest couples to their breaking point. Between the stress of being cooped up together and the undeniable mental toll the coronavirus pandemics taking, it’s no wonder tensions are running high in countless households, making an already difficult situation even tougher. If you want to be a better spouse, take to heart (and put into practice) these quarantine marriage tips that will help keep your romance on steady footing, no matter how long you’re stuck at home. And if you want to avoid any serious romantic missteps, discover these 15 Ways You’re Causing Relationship Problems in Quarantine. 

1 Make space for yourself.

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Even if you’re cooped up together in a small apartment, carving out your own personal space—and giving your partner ample room of their own—can help keep your relationship from entering the rocky territory.

In addition to filling your space (no matter how tiny) with things that bring you happiness, licensed mental health counselor GinaMarie Guarino recommends that you actually use it. “Don’t be afraid to excuse yourself to your space occasionally as well, because space will help you decompress if you are feeling pressure from the confinement,” she says. For more self-care ideas, check out 17 Mental Health Tips for Quarantine From Therapists.

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