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12 Things You Should Do Every Day

Make their habits try to improve them because they will help you a lot with productivity and it will help you to be organized and healthy.

These are some suggestions on things you can do every day and you will see how much your life will change for the better. 

1.Drink more water

Drinking water is so important for your body and your skin. At least you should drink 8 glasses of water every day. 

If you dislike the water, here are smart ways to try for drinking more water. add some fruit like lemon and orange these fruits will make it tasty.

2.Floss your teeth

Brushing your teeth doesn’t get out everything, so try to floss your teeth every day. That’s could save you from getting cavities and keep you away from the dentist.

Moreover, it keeps you younger and healthier. 

 3. Do something active

Even if you are so busy with work, try to find some minutes for the benefit of your body.

Every day try to have some minutes to try a short walk or doing some stretches in the morning, and you will see positive results. 

4.keep your face clean day/night

Keep your face clean day and night by following a regular skincare routine.

Choose a gentle soap to wash your face and moisturizers and atoners. If you keep this routine daily morning and night your skin looks clear and healthy. or read the news

It is important to stay informed and stay up to date on what’s going on in the world. No matter what your political views are.

The things which are happening in the world affect all of us today and in the future.

So try to watch your news on TV or try to read what happens from the newspaper or just from your smartphone. 

6.Have hot lemon water with dinner.

If you look for a better night’s sleep and a balanced immune system and flushing out toxins, also something help with your digestion, here is the method, one cup of hot water with the lemon makes you feel good.

7. Open the windows.

As soon as you can get some fresh air and light in your home.

this will wake you up and make you feel great even in winters this works really well, but obviously close them again quite quickly. 

8. Have something fantastic to wake up for.

This doesn’t have to be anything big but has to be something that you love doing.

If you can do one thing every day that makes you happy, you will be a lot more likely to want to get out of bed more easily.

9.Meditate for 15 minutes

Finding a quiet spot to sit and meditate before the craziness of your day begins can set the tone for the entire day. this will make you feel great after and relax.

Try to light some candles, put on some comfortable clothes to keeps you warm either sit or lie in your bed, and relax and breathing so deep.


Try to read your favorite book or story or just the top headlines of the day.

this gets your brain going and then you also know what’s going on in the world for office talk.

11. Eating a healthy meal

Follow a healthy diet daily by consuming a lot of veggies and fruits and also drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated.

All these green and fruits will nourish you and make you healthier. 

12.leave someone a nice comment

It is a great action and a nice thing to leave someone a positive comment because this makes you happier and makes him felling good toward you.

Don’t hesitate to leave a nice comment every day to someone in social media friends or bloggers either you know or not.

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